hydraulic-bending-press-machineWe have a new factory premises equipped with modern production facilities, large production halls, skilled manpower and modern engineering equipment’s. All this help us to accelerate the production output, better quality, quick delivery and efficient services under a healthy and pleasant environment. Our valued clients are invited to visit our New Factory. Same equipment & machineries are mentioned following there.



  • Hydraulic bending machine up to 10ft.
  • Shearing (Cutting) machine up to 10ft.
  • Power Press Machine up to 50 Ton.
  • Power Press Machine up to 35 Ton.
  • Power Press Machine up to 25 Ton.
  • Manual bending Press Machine.
  • Copper Bus Bar Fabrication Machine.
  • Floor Standing Drill Machines.
  • Arc Welding.
  • Argon welding