power-factor-improvement-panels-pfiPower factor is a relationship between working (active) Power and Total Power Consumed (Apparent Power).
Essentially, the power factor is measurement of how effectively electricity power is being used. The higher the Power Factor, the more effectively the electricity power is being used.
A Distribution System’s operating power is composed of two parts: Active (working power) and Reactive (non-working) Magnetizing Power. The active Power performs the useful work….. The Reactive Power does not, as its only function is to develop Magnetic Fields required by inductive devices. General Power Factor decreases (ø increase) with increased inductive load. Therefore, when more inductive reactive power is needed, more apparent power is also needed. The ratio of Activepower-factor-improvement-panel-pfi Power to Apparent Power is called Power Factor.
Power Factor = Active Power / Apparent Power
Cosø = P.F = KW / KVA

• Economical with faster payback periods.
• Ability to maintain a constant high power factor.
• Eliminates low power factor penalties levied by WAPDA.
• Reduces the KVA demand charges.
• Improves efficiency of the system by reducing losses.
• Prevents leading power factor in the installation during low load conditions.