electrical-switch-gearCCE provide the services regarding Installation, Commissioning and System integration. We provide complete solution with automation and control process for your product line. We treat every project with our great responsibility & understanding for the satisfaction of our client.
We offer complete technical support services including turnkey solutions for Generator Control Systems for ATS / AMF, Load Share & Synchronization applications including continuous / short time parallel operation of multiple generators & Mains.

1) Project Engineering & Management Services.

• Engineering, Installation & Commissioning of Automation & Control system.
• Engineering, Installation & Commissioning process control & instrument system.
• Engineering and Installation of Electrical Power Distribution system.
• Engineering and Installation of Plant Lighting & Illumination system.
• Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

2) Supply of Instruments & Control Components
Current Care Engineering also deals in supply of electrical switch gear, Instruments & Control components such as,

• (VFD) Variable Frequency Drives.
• Flow Meters and Sensors.
• Pressure Transducers.
• Level Transmitters.
• Temperature Controllers & Sensors.
• Proximity Sensors.
• Limit Switches & Micro Switches.
• ACB, MCCB & MCB Breakers.
• Mag. Contactors.